Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shirley Katz Workshop

Shirley Katz gave us a workshop on watercolor. 

We were given basic exercises to do.  

As a starting point, Shirley showed us some fundamentals and gave us tips to work with.  For example:
     - Keep the work at a slight tilt
      -Work with two water containers, so that one is always clean.
     - Have a  paper towel ready in one hand
     -Use round brushes
     -An ice cube tray is useful to have for the colors
     -To check how dry a surface is, use the fleshy side of the hand        If it feels cool, then it is not fully dry.
     - A wash is made of one color
     - A glaze is an overlay of two or more colors
     -Be aware of how dry or wet your areas are and apply
      when conditions are right.          

The water circle shown below is an example of  how color can remain inside a water mark.  Other observations were to create the cauliflower effect, how salt can work on a colored surface.  There are endless possibilities.

Then we were given some small scraps of magazine papers, which we glued unto our surface.  We were asked to work from those little pieces and here are some of the delightful results.