PROGRAM 2012 - 2013

New Premises, New Perspective

3      General Meeting. Share Summer works. Work independently
10    Wesselman inspired members’ workshop, 3D collage with Deanne.
17    Still life with interesting period pieces.
24    Continue, incorporating Impressionist approach.
31    Workshop with Jose Duclos. She will finalize last year’s workshop.

7      Continue, using Jose’s technique.
14    Workshop with Steward Fletcher, his new approach to pastels.
21    Continue work with pastels.
28    Prepare for critique

5      Group critique,  followed by buffet lunch.


6      Member’s Day ! Back to drawing with Deena’s exciting ideas. Details t.b.a.
13    Continue and elaborate on basic drawing.
20    Workshop with Rita Briansky based on bold PERU designs.
27    Continue, using Peru inspired patterns and colours.

6      Member’s Day ! Revisiting monoprinting with Anita Eydt
13    Workshop with Shirley Katz, possibly using a model.
20     Elaborate further on Shirley’s technique
27     Prepare for Art Show

3       Landscape in the medium of your choice, zoom in on detail             
10     Explore further possibilities of this approach
17     Critique with guest artist, followed by lunch
24     Independent work, choosing any ideas of the past year.

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